Saturday, 6 July 2013

Is this why you can't sleep tonight

Dear SL...

Up early to bring you more fashion pleasure.
I am in kind of a funny mood at the moment, So the look I have installed for this post kind of suits it.
The word I can only think of to describe it would be "Ratbag" feeling about myself.
Now I know most wont know what I mean by that so here is the definition of this Aussie slang.
"Ratbag is also Aussie slang for Trouble maker or someone causing havok - When the word Ratbag is used its used in a non offence way. "

Ok now that you know how I am feeling and had a lesson in Aussie slang, Onward to the picture.

Blog look #41

Hair: Magika - Intended
Hairband: !Admiral Spicy! - Gacha Headband - (Black) - (Gotcha Item)
Necklace: Noodles - Moon of My Life Necklace
Eyes: PC - Milky Eyes - Milky Sea - small bright - @TMD
Knees: -SU!- - Bloody Knees 01 - (Dark) - 2
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - :: KITTEN :: - F508 - (Marketplace)
Shirt: Emery - Top Bardot Gray - @FaMeshed
Shorts: APHORISM - Shorts Stripe - (Event Only for now)- @TMD
Shoes: {mon tissu}- Cottage Flats - Black

This post again features the Men's Dept items and is well worth checking out, It is mainly aimed at the men of SL and lets face it they need it more than us girls do.
However there are a few unisex items and such that work for girls.
So why not get that much needed make over for that man friend, (We all have one that needs it) and head on over. Taxi Here.

The shorts that are shown above are one such item that can be acquired for the month of July in the Men's Dept and The owner of the store is one of my good friends.
So I know full well how much work and dedication went into making this item and these shorts are just the thing for a summer feel to your av.
The shorts come with a hud four choices of colours or shades of the colour depending on the shorts chosen, with the loop hole and button options.
The store is a new to the grid and while there are some fine tuning to be worked out as he progresses, This store is defiantly one to watch.

Also you need to check out Poetic eyes, If you need to update or want a change these are so nice and just stand out. 
don't usually change my eyes but these are gorgeous and a score because there are many colour options at the Men's Dept.

FaMeshed is another event that has really got my attention this month, It helps that they had one of my favourite stores participating - Emery.
Emery for me hit it out of the ball park with their items, The shirt is featured above and I couldn't help myself but get a few of them. Taxi Here.

Ok so I am completely obsessed with Melodyssey an Australian band I have posted a song of theirs before but I am afraid that we are going to end up listening to the whole album because its just so mind blowing and its all I am listening to at the moment.
Same InsaneMelodyssey

Until Next Time
Shiny Bubble

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