Sunday, 27 October 2013

You're my guardian angel hiding in the woods.

Dear SL...

Hi all,
So I thought I would have this computer issue all sorted once my new gfx card got here but I was wrong and I am not real sure what the issue is.
So until I get my new computer blog posts are going to be a bit slow.
Sorry for that, But don't fear I will still be battling on with my blogging.

Blog look #86

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - America - 06 - F
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cora Mesh Hair - Chocolate - (Button is colour change) - @TSS

Coat: *katat0nik* - Apple Jacket Dress - (yellow/thin) - (Old C88 item, Check Store)
Jeans: MM - Skinny Jeans - Dark Blue - (Texture jeans) - (Marketplace)

Shoes: [ BW ] - Wellingtons Hunters - (Marketplace)
Buttons: Razor - Button Eyes Curved - Black - @TSS

Pose: EP - Dreaming - #1 - @TSS
Mirror: Flash Friendly Poses - Coraline Trapt - @TSS
Cat: Schadenfreude - Chibi Cat - Kasey - (Old Arcade item, Check store)

It is that time of the year when all the creepy and fun freaky things come out to play.
Seraphim Socials theme this month seems so fitting in light of this and have chosen the book Caroline by Neil Gaiman.
This book for those who haven't heard of it is about a girl who goes through a door to another world into a house just like her own but she soon finds not all is as it seems and she must escape this new found world.
This was one of my favourite books growing up and along with Nightmare before Christmas is just so magical in its own creepy way.
Seraphim Social has all manner of items inspired by Caroline. So hurry over and check them out.
Taxi here - Just in case you missed it from above.

Music of the moment: A song I initially tried to hate but had no luck and now I love it. Suck in my head.
The Fox - Ylvis

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

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