Sunday, 21 April 2013

I kept dreaming of a world, I thought i would never see

Dear SL...

Today I bring you another of my nerdy favourites the Tron movies that inspired my look of the day.
Tron legacy movie was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and to complete the awe of the movie for me, was the fact they had Oliva Wild in it....Don't even get me started on the girl crush I have for this women.

Ok enough said about the movie.
But if you are a big fan of it, You should defiantly go check out [Neurolab Inc.] Battle Arena.
At the arena they even have a demo of the Tron bike that they sell. *drools*
Taxi to that arena is here. 
Also featured in the outfit today is the Neurolab's Tron disc on my back, This thing is one of the best toys i have acquired.
This disc comes with combat and colour change huds.
You can get a version of the disc that is only for decoration for the outfit, This cost less but is also a lot less fun.

Blog look #10

Hair: Magika - Yesterday - 01 Natural Pack
Skin: The body co. - Ivy - (03 Light) brown brows
Makeup: .Pekka. - Vintage Cat eyeliner ONLY
Tattoo: [UMEBOSHI] - Fei tattoo - (Group gift August)
Collar: [Rosal] - VIRON-M Neck Corset - Black - (Colour change tint hud) - (Also on marketplace)
Suit: Graves  - G206 Defence - (Includes Gloves, Nipple covers, Shirt, Pants
Bra: Lust - Mini Bandeau Top Sequin Black - Undershirt - (On marketplace)
Panties: ::TGIS:: - Panty Raid Sheers - (Comes in a pack of five colours) - (Now known as Mon Cheri)
Boots: [Neurolab Inc.] - Activa II Electro - Black - Mesh - (Colour change)
Disc: [NeurolaB Inc.] - N-Disc Combat BackPack - (Clean) V.2.6 - (Two handed weapon when hud use)

I am hopeing that I did Tron and fans justice with my Tron pixel outfit, I love it.
The only thing left to say about this is that, Although I don't usually like this type of music Daft Punk really made the movie moments pop for me.
So if you haven't heard it, Or just want some good beats here is Daft Punk - Tron Derezzed.

Until next time
<3 Shiny Bubble

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