Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Your heart has never been broken

Dear SL...

Today I am still attempting to make up for the posts, I missed while away.
So you can expect a few, Starting with this one.
While standing around, Trying to figure out what to wear today I started chatting with an awesome girl by the name of Tea Soup.
I had the fortunate luck of being her SL mum for a short time and although it was decided that wasn't the role that we wanted to continue with, I remained close to her.
Her talents are above and beyond and I am always excited to see what her mind has come up with.

Recently she has made an item for the SL Fashion Week.
When I put these glasses on, I almost went into a cute coma.
I was so excited that, I started putting together outfits and find myself not wanting to take them off.
But I will let you judge for yourself.
I must warn you however, Once you do see them, You may be over come with a strong need to hurry over and buy them right away.
The glasses come in 3 sets each with their own five unique colours.
It also allows you to have the lens shade as clear for reading like glasses or a dark shade for those sunny out door days. (I have not included the dark lens shade in the pics but its just as cute, I have also not included all colours.)

Set 1.

Set 2.

Set 3.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Here is your taxi to the SL Fashion Week, Please remember it is only open until 1pm on Thursday.
Also here is a taxi to Tea Soup's Two stores: [tea.s]  Poses/Mesh - owner/creator and .lame Furniture - Partner/Creator.

I am going to share a very special song with you today that I fell in love with when I seen this band live in concert last year.
I only have four words to describe them: OUT OF THIS WORLD!
These Days - Foo Fighters

Until next time
<3 Shiny Bubble

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