Monday, 29 April 2013

It's to little, To late to rewind

Dear SL...

I have a stock pile of looks that I want to share with you all, These will be a mix of new and old items.
My SL inventory is a girls dream come true but also a nightmare.
I have so much stuff and its only growing, Sometimes I am scared I will go looking for something and never return.
This is because, I like most girls on SL will create a look every day or maybe even a few.
Yes I have a problem and I am happy in my denial.

The look I am about to share with you is inspired by my SL sister Abby.
Abby and I have been Sl sisters for 5 years now and well we have been through it all and than some.
I can't thank her enough for both the ups and downs but most of all just being her.
This is most important for by doing this, She also allows me to be myself in the true sense of the word without a fear of being judged and that's hard to come by.

Shopping as we do, we stumbled upon an outfit we loved and slowly we completed a look that caused us to dress as twins all day.
Although I like being somewhat unique, It was a fun day and now I am going to share this outfit with all of you. YAY!
The pic below is somewhat a weird picture.
Due to the fact that when taking the picture, I did't realise it had an SL glitch and this left me with my mouth open.
I thought it looked kinda funny and cute at the same time.
Rather than redoing the picture, I decided to use it, Because after all RL nor SL are perfect and sometimes life just happens.

Blog look #17

Skin: The body co. - Ivy - (03 Light) - Brown brows - (With cleveage enhancer)
Makeup: .Pekka. - Classy Eye shadow with eyeliner - Platinum
Hair: Magika - [01] - Yesterday
Ring: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. - Pyramid Ring - Black
Bangles: [EY:NO] - Mess Bangles - Silver
Shirt: .:villena:. - Layered vest - #3
Jeans: .::J&K::. - The Rockstar Skinny Jeans - Black - (On marketplace)
Shoes: 2Real - Stackz

As always I am leaving you with a song of my choice, This band is another Australian band who stole my love a long time ago.
I can't express enough how much music has changed my life and this band was apart of that.
I love this song:
In These Hands - Butterfly Effect

Until next time
<3 Shiny Bubble

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