Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sleep until the sun goes down

Dear SL...

Today i have some new hair to show you from Milana, This store only releases maybe 2 times a year but is well worth it when they do.
The hair styles are unique and the features are undeniably cute.
These hairs have the root option, textures are of high quality and there are a lot of options for colours.
Another feature that i think is amazing about the hair from Milana is that you get a hud to control what colours you change to, but it states in local that it is dying your hair, this is such a cute idea and to me brings some realistic experience to changing your hair colour in SL.

Below are various examples of the colours available starting with my normal colour of chocolate brown.

This is Carrie in the colours Chocolate, Amethyst, Azure and Scarlet.

This is Jayna in the colours Chocolate, Violet, Lime, Cotton.

So what are you waiting for take this taxi to Milana...

Other items in this post are listed below:
Tongues: MDL - Tongue with Light Bulb, Tongue with Stars, Tongue Red Fruits (These are in a 20L gotcha)
Shirt: Jane - Intrinsic Tank - Milk (These are free and i think everyone should have basic colours in textured shirts)

The other items have been in my blog previously but if you want to know anything please comment and i will get back to you ASAP.
But as always i now have some music for you and this one has been stuck in my head all day. I love this song at the moment and the the voices are just so strange but in a good way.

Until next time, <3 Shiny Bubble.

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