Saturday, 4 May 2013

They, Will stop degrading us

Dear SL...

So sometimes it is so hard to find time and a balance between SL and RL.
Try as I might that pesky RL keeps be far to busy to even play SL much little lone do blog post and it is very annoying because I have so many planned.
Things I must show you and your missing out, All because of that silly RL.
So if you see that RL around you have a word or tow for me and I will reward you with more posts.
Deal? Ok now we have that sorted, Let's get down to the real reason I am here.

Blog look #19

Skin: Glam Affair - Margot - America 06 - Dark Brown - @C88
Make up: Glam Affair - Margot - Makeup 01 - (Was at the Cosmetic Fair but closed now, Check store.)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Robot Dream Ride - Robot - @C88
Glasses: [tea.s] - Lips Glasses - (Comes with 5 colour hud, Blog previously..Check past posts for more info)
Hair: >TRUTH< - Lavinia - Mocha
Shirt: {mon tissu}- Oversized Shirt - NEW!!! 
Tights: [okkbye] - Kneepad Tights - Heart - (I layered the pants and underwear to get the grey like colour.)
Skirt: Tee*fy - Basics HighWaist Short Denim Skirt - Ash
Boots: Tee*fy - Chloe Slouchy Booties - Black - @C88

Note: Due to demand the Truth sale has been extended til the 10th of May...So if you haven't already been or have and forgot a hair, You really must have now is your chance. Taxi

Well after all I have been going through in RL, This week I needed to have an upbeat music and well when I think of upbeat usually one band comes to mind.
Muse of course, This band are so creative and smart and and and just explosive in RL concert.
Yes I have seen them RL...
So here is the chosen song : Muse - Uprising 

Ok all have a very Shiny SL.
Until next time
<3 Shiny Bubble

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